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QMapControl running on the Neo

QMapControl running on the Neo

QMapControl on linux

QMapControl running under linux

Using WMS

Data from WMS server

A Demoapplication


QMapControl is a Qt/Qtopia widget which enables your (mobile) applications to use map data. Simply add the widget to your application, have a look at the API and start developing a fancy geospatial (mobile) application.

With QMapControl you can use different map providers, like OpenStreetMap or several WMS-Server. Then you can modify the view of your QMapControl, writing a location based application when having a GPS receiver or just browse the maps. It is possible to have more than one layers, so you can mix maps from different servers. To enrich the maps you can draw your own object to coordinates.

Feature list:

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Download QMapControl sourcecode including sample applications and documentation

Download sample application binaries - i386/Qt 4.3.2
Download sample application binaries - ARM Neo/Qtopia 4.2.4
Download sample application binaries - Win32/Qt 4.4.1 (Qt libs included)

View the API
View my diploma thesis about QMapControl (german)

For more up to date sources checkout the SVN from sourceforge

Sample code preview

  // create MapControl
  mc = new MapControl(QSize(480,640));

  // create MapAdapter to get maps from
  MapAdapter* mapadapter = new OSMMapAdapter();

  // create a map layer with the mapadapter
  Layer* l = new MapLayer("Custom Layer", mapadapter);

  // add Layer to the MapControl

Complete sample applications: here

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License information

This software is released under LGPL. Please review the licenses of the map providers you are using. I would recommend using OpenStreetMap, since their map data is released under Creative Commons.

QMapControl in action